Temporary And Seasonal Jobs in Ireland!

Internet resources for job seekers in Ireland that will help you settle quick during your stay in Ireland: Jobsdonedeal.ie, gumtree.ie, jobsie, adverts.ie and indeed.ie. There are the usual volunteer sites in effect of work away and help exchange and various culture exchange programmes.

To find jobs in Ireland you will need a well checked/edited CV and cover letter, a local phone number and address. 50% of jobs are filled via recruitment and jobboards the rest by some form of networking. Handout CV’s locally, try to be specific and talior your cover letter so.

There is a big hospitality sector and seasonal work often temporary work can be found here from May to September, other seasonal work can be found in Retail before christmas and agriculture and harvest work August/September usually popular with migrant workers on summer temporary work visits; mostly tractor driving and harvest picking, see http://www.farmersjournal.ie/toplink and contact for recruitment and http://www.farmsolutions.ie for milking relief work.

There is seasonal work all over ireland but it requires often to contact local people via volunteering roles or even the Irishpub. Some of the harvest is tough and all pay minimal wages and often less as you are piece picking, so not guaranteed to reach 8.65 per hour.

For Accommodation check http://www.Daft.ie, most rental accommodation is available on this website, and lots of shared accommodation offers. Hostels for backpackers are often a good way to start for a week or two also consider getting in contact with landlords via AirBnB for more isolated areas.

You need a PPS Number from http://www.revenue.ie to work in Ireland , this is available to all EU citizens easliy and to students on work supported visa’s, it involves queuing at the local branch with a bank statement and letter from your accommodation, the number will then be posted to you in 7 days.

Job Offer First – Then the Permit or Green Card :

You can’t just apply for a work permit or green card and then come here to look around and find work. You can only get such permits AFTER you have a job offer in hand. If you have been offered a job paying at least €60,000 you’ll have no problems and will gain the Green Card easily. Some few exceptions are made for those with a job offer paying between €30,000 and €60,000 and such job seekers may be granted a work permit or green card. Those of you with a job offer worth less than €30,000 per year will find it exceedingly difficult to get a work permit.

There are fast track visa’s granted for I.T workers to supply the increasely over supported multinational I.T companies such as Facebook and Google. Currently (2016) there is a shortage of Para research engineers and I.T multi Lingual programe engineers and these applicants can expect fast processing other wise approval is not guaranteed, is expensive and takes up to a year.

You can get a pay as you go mobile chip easily, that will work on your gsm phone, wifi is availble all over and there are a choice of network providers, Tesco being a cheap option.

Temporary And Seasonal Jobs in Ireland!